Ink from Podcast Magazine

It’s been a journey producing my music + media podcast. A side hustle I work in with my voiceover and radio stuff, and I’m learning a lot about all the actual logistics it takes before the guest arrives in the studio! And I love it.

Very cool news – there’s now some legit ink about the show – thank you Podcast Magazine for covering ‘Spotlight Conversations’ in the July2021 issue! We also found out it’s the first podcast to receive a ‘5 MIC’ rating. To the guests who joined me in the studio to share their entertaining stories and also to you – the listener; thank you. Here’s the link where you can read the article online.

Hang tight. We’re on a roll.

A podcast. Produced weekly in my studio…

It’s fun. It’s informative. It’s casual. Spotlight Conversations. A podcast delivered where drinks are always on ice; music and media are the conversation starters. Two amazing talent have been a part of my podcast since the beginning: stellar booth announcer for the show is none other than voice talent Joe Szymanski, complementing the musical sounds from theme song composer Mark Sparrow of Song Bird Studios. Guest have included musicians, voice talent, audiobook narrators, radio personalities, media consultants to film makers, public relations gurus, audio engineers, photographers and writers. If you love anything media, you’ll want to listen in!

Tune into the entertaining podcast Spotlight Conversations a perfect early morning or late night diversion. Available wherever you listen to podcasts like Spotify, Itunes, iHeartMedia. Listen, download, subscribe and enjoy!