Voiceover talent – who’s a part of your team?

Every voiceover talent needs a team. Their best team. Who are yours? If you were in the studio, and needed something done quickly (dubbing in an extra voice, a production piece, some copywriting advice) who could you count on? Who do you trust? Who could you call right now to take care of one detail? Would it be another voiceover talent, a producer, a voice coach, an agent, a manager? Who helps you achieve your goal? And more importantly, can you help them achieve their goals?

It doesn’t matter what the deadline is and or even if there is a deadline. The work gets done, and we’ve reached the goal.

Which is what any successful business/company and small or large –  is all about. Setting goals. Reaching goals. It’s what you do as an entrepreneur. Keeping the can-do attitude spirit going, even during moments of adversity; focusing on goals; and most importantly, knowing your team shares the same spirit of entrepreneurship.

Find your team. And thank them. Often.

(reprinted from an earlier post) dbr