Videos on Fashion Icons & Style.

Fashion and travel is happening in the recording booth lately. Scripts for fashion. Scripts for tourism. I’ve been wanting to pack a suitcase and wear a deluxe slipper ensemble in the studio. And so you ask, where is the place to see fashion in Texas? Fashion Houston 2011. Shows from designers Barbara Tfank, Douglas Hannant, Chloe Dao, Cesar Galindo, Robert Rodriguez and the Houston-based designer Jerri Moore, made every moment of FH 2011 a major success. ┬áHear all about the event by clicking on the videos at my channel on YouTube. I’m the voice of the person wearing slippers.

Just as I get comfy wearing fashionable slippers, a script shows up in the studio describing exotic locations, sandy beaches, margaritas. Not necessarily in that order.

I can then comfortably switch from slippers – to barefoot.