Social Media – are you getting the word out?

For voiceover talent, the message of ‘social media’ has brought the ever expanding voice business to a new level. Have you learned all you can about the new aspect of marketing for your voice business?

Where are you with Social Media? Are your voiceover demos on YouTube? Is your voiceover business on Facebook? Or are you personally on Facebook as a voice talent? Are you a freelancer? Do you have a voiceover company? (It’s okay if you don’t. Read Karen Commins post about having a day job at another person’s company – and pursuing your voiceover career on the side.) Do you regularly post personal observations on Twitter?  If your voiceover company is on Twitter, do you post comments about public relations or training seminars?

If you are still new to the area of voiceover marketing, check out a few sites of savvy marketers who’ve grabbed hold of social media and are running with it:  Voice Acting in Vegas and Social Media VO.

For freelancers, check out a previous post about the world of voiceovers here. Yes, that’s my ‘media assistant’ Scout. Grrr.

So I’ve been reading, observing and questioning everyone‚ about the enterprise of social media.  And I ventured over to YouTube land, figured out (kinda – sorta)  how to upload, to favorite and come up with a vlog on the YouTube site for spotcomm.

It was easier than I thought.