A little PR for a very cozy music channel…

I love making lists – any kind of lists. And sometimes I venture off into the music and make playlists of tunes I love that fit a kind of vibe. Sometimes a playlist become a soulful format. And then the same format finds itself a name like “The Leopard Print Lounge Chair” a radio channel I dreamed up and created, which luckily found itself a home on AccuRadio .

A few months later, Sean Ross of RossOnRadio (Radio Insight online magazine) wrote about AccuRadio and the many channels created by radio pros like myself.

The Leopard Print Lounge Chair. (Click the link and tune in! ) You need a place to sit down and chill – especially now. But before you kick back, read all about the LPLC getting some very nice press in the broadcast trades (click the article below for more):