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I started the media career as a rock, pop and country radio DJ. Some of the stations I worked for included stations in Raleigh, NC, Houston TX and Washington, DC: WQDR, KLOL, WCXR, KODA and the big WRDU 106, where I earned the nickname of “The Rock and Roll Homemaker┬«”. The same friends I met during those early media days join me in the studio each week, where I interview them about their media journey on my podcast ‘Spotlight Conversations┬«’.

I create all kinds of audio stuff from my home studio as a voice talent and narrator. It’s the best gig. There’s a list of some of my work below and on my youtube channel.

Sometimes you’ll find me hanging out at music streaming service AccuRadio, playing tunes on a channel I created called The Leopard Print Lounge Chair, a combination of “mellow Classic Rock and laid back Alternative” tunes. It’s got a groovy sound and they let me play whatever I want. Plus the chair came with the gig.

If you want to read about the voiceover industry, check out my first blog, which has a few marketing tips, voiceover help links, and a variety of other stories. There are two published articles, too: one about the business of voiceovers and another about women in media (click the ‘Writing’ section on this website).

I volunteered for one tour of duty with the military (USCG/YN3/E4). Some of my duties included writing stories for the base newspaper and typing up flight orders for incredibly courageous co-workers. I can type really, really fast.

A short list of voiceover creds:

Documentary: Eileen Ford: Six Decades of Defining Beauty

Documentary: Voice Replacement (ADR): ABC Sports: The Tragedy of the Munich Games

Anime: Cyberteam in Akihabara (credited as a news anchor)

Gaming: Amber, Journey’s Beyond (credited as a housewife)